Wednesday, May 2, 2007

No more combat blogging?

First amendment rights are already severly curtailed when you're a member of the armed forces (obviously, there is a need for wartime discretion), but now all blog posts and personal email needs to be approved by a superior officer. Wired predicts the end of military blogs as regulation has grown tighter and tighter.

Digg and Wikipedia censorship?

On May 1, the code to break the DRM system on HD-DVD was posted online. One of the first places this code was posted was on Digg and Wikipeida. Both of the websites removed the code. Digg even allegedly deleted the accounts of people who posted the code as well as people who posted on the same thread. Both Wikipedia and Digg cited cease and desist letters they had received as the reason why they pulled down the code.

Is this the ultimate form of censorship on the Internet? Many are saying that they have lost their respect for Digg and that May 1 is the day "Digg Died."