Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Lincoln Logs

Once again Lady Raptastic brings back a blast from the past--Lincoln Logs. I mean how great were those building blocks of life. While they were certainly no Legos, they were prime toys in my early years (much in the same way K'NEX were great a bit latter in adolescence). I always had certain days where I would "build the tallest structure I could" (and get pissed if it fell over too soon), or where I tried to copy the buildings shown on the box to a "T." However, I think I loved to play with them most when I would play with a friend and we would have contests of who could build the most complete structure using as many logs as possible the fastest. No surprise, I always won.

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Abigail said...

It's funny that you mention Lincoln Logs and K'NEX in the same blog because K'NEX distributes Lincoln Logs. Too bad because they've added so much plastic that it takes away from the uniqueness that was Lincoln Logs.