Friday, March 2, 2007

blogumentary and more privacy links

since the projector overheated and we didnt get to watch the last 10 min of the blogumentary, I thought I'd send you the link to the google video.

also, here is the link to the guardian article that includes every disturbing search query by the wronged husband we discussed in class today.

and last, here is the link to the claritas PRIZM data that allows you to cluster psychographic groups by zip code. enjoy.


Cindy said...

I think you accidently linked to the Guardian article twice... The Prizm link goes to the Guardian article!

Here's the link to the Prizm thing (which I am having a LOT of fun with!):

Missy said...

I am also enjoying the prizm site and feel that it is more accurate for small towns rather than large cities, as we discussed in class.

Jessica said...

They used the prizm site in another one of my classes last semester and it ended up being pretty accurate for my town of Chatsworth, CA