Thursday, March 1, 2007

privacy: a couple of related articles

just wanted to share a few articles that are relevant to today's class lecture and discussion:
are these simply alarmist, mainstream media reaction to the common availability of personal information? does this represent the democratization of personal information? are you concerned about your privacy online?


jzyo said...

I believe that there IS cause for concern. The amount of information that some people put on their blogs, Facebook and MySpace is amazing (and scary). Rather than doing a personal blog for class I chose to do a topic that was not as personally revealing. I felt that between my Facebook profile and my blog, there just would have been too much about me floating around on the Internet. Now with my list of blog readers growing, I really don't want people in China and England knowing that much about me. Although these articles do paint a very scary picture, they do have some good points.

Elena said...
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Missy said...

I think the article from USA today is very interesting. It is scary to think of all the bad things that can come out of participating in a social network. It is true that USC is a private University and can punish students if they violate the code of conduct.