Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Scripps Networks Launches New Online Network

Scripps has the intention of launching an online network for the building industry. It incorporates building tips, new product information, and insider information on trends. The network introduces "the virtual trade" and "contractor stories" aspects that makes it possible for its memebers to recieve first hand testimonies and experiences. "Contractor Stories" allow the HGTVPro visitors to sit in on refreshingly open roundtable conversations among contractors. Unrehearsed and unscripted." It is reported that the online community creates an atmosphere for builders, allowing them to learn from each other's experiences. Additionally, each of the video segements offered on the network are hosted by professional contractors."While it is a site for pros by pros, it still allows prosumers to 'peek over the fence' and better understand their builder's world."

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marissa said...

jeremy, again - please cite your sources when you're quoting a press release. I'd really prefer if you wrote your own posts, with some of your own critical analysis. I dont mind if you quote other sources - I encourage it - but without clearly demonstrating where this is coming from, it borders dangerously on plagiarism. additionally, since this class focuses on consumer applications of technology, I'm not really sure of its relevance. what makes this an interesting news item? what is its relation to HGTV?