Monday, February 12, 2007

Virtual world meets real world

My friend showed me this YouTube video, and I could not believe it. It didn't seem like it could be real because there was just no way someone would cut their hair like that on their wedding day. Anyway, according to US Weekly, the bride was not a bride at all but a waitress who got paid to act in this video. Jodi Behan, 22, did the video to get a few extra bucks, and now, over 3 million views later, is recieving calls for roles in the real world. Who knew that a waitress could gain fame and opportunity through a YouTube video!
(I couldn't figure out how to post the video so here is the link.)


marissa said...

reminds me of lonelygirl15 - another hugely popular hoax.

Missy said...

Sounds like the exact same approach.