Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Microsoft vs. Playstation

Online gaming was met with many objections. However, with the recent flow of online gamers, it is obvious that this market creates enormous potential to advance the experience of gaming. It is reported that communicating with freinds and strangers, and creating an identity for yourself is core to the online gaming scene. Some players maintain a reputation of "invinsible" in the online gaming community, and players from different countries are able to link up with thier favorite gaming buddies in the US. This behavior is common with game such as "Call of Duty" and "Madden." With the sucsess of online gaming experienced by Microsoft, Playstation 3 was determined to rival its competitor with the release of the system. Many gamers say that playstation's online capabiliteis with plastation 2 were "patchy." Among many of the extreme gamers, suspicions have been raised with the efficiency of playstations ability to provide a compatible network for its users. Consequently, 3 out of 5 gamers prefer Microsoft's online gaming community vs. that of Playstation.


marissa said...

hi jeremy. please, please cite your sources. you can't simply state stats such as "Consequently, 3 out of 5 gamers prefer Microsoft's online gaming community vs. that of Playstation" without telling us where that number comes from. I'm also not sure I understand what you mean by "Online gaming was met with many objections." By who? do you mean the industry faces challenges? were the challenges technological? legal? economic? consumer-based? organizational? please explain.

jachildr said...

I'm sorry, I was under the impression that blogs were a very informal way of introducing information that we found exciting and interesting. I was unaware that we were being graded on syntax and citation.

marissa said...

you're not being grading on syntax or spelling on any of your blog posts. however, I do want you to cite information. I've been saying that the entire semester. its unfair to introduce stats without backing up those numbers without a source, and dishonest to introduce information without citing the article/press release/site it comes from.