Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A MySpace for Mom and Dad

I found this article regarding a new website that is targeting parents who will be able to digitally connect with other members of their families. I figured this article is perfect for our class since we give a lot of attention to the social network scene.

P.S. Feel free to tell your parents about the new site!!


Missy said...

Its interesting that this social network tells parents to instruct their children to "clean their rooms." Whats next, instructions on parenting? I find this a little rediculous.

jachildr said...

Wow... its seems like it would be hard to market this site. Afterall, parents that seek to join an online community seem as though they are searching for an outlet seperate from their children for peacefulness and solitude. Joining a site that focusses on other parents problems and parenting skills would deter a number of people.