Thursday, February 15, 2007

Half never used telephone?? Really??

I found it hard to believe when Marrisa said that half of the world population have never used a telephone. So I looked it up in the internet and I found that it's actually true. From _the_world_old.html, it said that Thomas Homer-Dixon made a speech when he said in 2001 that "...half the people on the planet have never made a phone call." Tatang Razak of Indonesia told the UN's committee on the Information "After all, most of the poeple in the world have never made a phone call...", in speech from April of this year. I don't really know who these people are. However, it's still really hard to believe! How can that be? We have over 6 billions people. From, there are 6,689,114,878 (and still counting) people in the world! It's just really hard to believe that over 3 billion people have never made or received calls.

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