Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I just posted this in my blog by accident so excuse the repetition, but if anyone was interested in the concept of geocaching brought up in Derek Powazek's article "Getting Real: Virtual Communities that Break the Fourth Wall," here is a pretty good beginners guide to what geocaching is all about realeased by the official geocaching website. The concept seems pretty interesting as it basically is one big worldwide scavenger hunt prompted by posting tracking coordinates on the internet. You can limit the areas of where you want to track to stay within areas near you or expand globally. If I had a GPS reciever I would partake in the fun. (I did register with the site so if anyone has GPS in their car let me know.)


jzyo said...

I watched a segment on this and people get REALLY into it! If I can find a link to the show I will post it.

rothstafari said...

If you don't have a gps, you can post a note in the regional geocaching discussion forums ( and ask if there is a geocaching group going out anytime soon. Someone will definitely have an extra gps for you to use and you will likely find at least one group to join. If you find that you like it, you can purchase a basic gps unit for less than $100.