Sunday, February 11, 2007

Youtube Scandal

Recently, youtube users posted a video containing x rated images of a Brazilian model, Daniela Cicarelli. Daniela sued sued youtube "after a video of her apparently having sex in shallow water on a beach with her boyfriend (a well-known soccer player) was posted to the site." She is sueing the site for 116,000 dollars each day the video is accessible to viewers on youtube. It is stated that some copies have been taken of the site, but viewers continue to repost the videos. In a third lawsuit, the the model requested that the site be shutdown as long as the video is available to users. In the final settlement, youtube was ordered to remove all content that promoted racism and/or child pornography as well.

For more info and pictures visit:

1 comment:

Nicole said...

oh man, that's crazy news.

does anyone know if the videos are prescreened before posted on youtube? i guess not, that'd be a whole lot of videos to watch and posting would be totally backed up. but how can youtube stop people from posting content like this? they'd have to carefully screen all videos then. geez.