Thursday, March 8, 2007

Marco's Bio

More info on today's speaker:

Marco Ilardi
SVP, Performance Marketing
Fox Interactive Media

As the Senior Vice President of Fox Interactive Media, Marco Ilardi
oversees the development of potential advertiser offerings across FIM's
network of websites. Prior to working at FIM, Marco was the Senior Vice
President and General Manager at Intermix Media where he was responsible
for the maximization of all revenue derived from Intermix web
properties. During his term at Intermix, Marco assisted in launching and many other initiatives that eventually put the company
on the map. With the runaway success of Myspace and other properties,
Intermix Media was purchased by FIM in 2005.


jzyo said...

Thanks for putting this up. I tried to do some reading about him before he came in. It was amazing to see that searching for his name on Google brought up our class blog as one of the top hits.

Nicole said...

he was super informative. i didn't know so much went into the advertising and marketing side of myspace. although, i have to admit, i've never clicked on the ads on myspace. in fact, i hardly look at them while they are flashing at me.

Jessica said...

I agree with Nicole, I don't click on the flashing adds either but I do think that the whole idea of creating profiles for movies or characters is really smart, I have a few of them on my friend list

marissa said...

good point jessica. the problem for myspace is that anyone can create a profile for free - that includes large content corporations. so the challenge becomes - how does myspace monetize those profiles? its pretty clear the company has entirely figured it out - but they're starting to. the other question is how valuable are those "friends" a movie, product or character makes. here's an interesting blog post on that: Counting friends