Monday, March 5, 2007

FAQ@A presents Perez Hilton

Mark your calendars! I was readingmy weekly emails from Annenberg about the events taking place at the comm school. Perez Hilton will be coming on Wed, March 28 for a discussion with Larry Gross. And there will be free lunch too! Check it out below:

Wednesday, March 28

FAQ@A presents Perez Hilton: An Insider's Take on Celebrity Culture, Blogging, and Gays in Hollywood
Join communication school director Larry Gross for a discussion with Perez Hilton about celebrity gossip, blogging, and gay visibility in Hollywood. >From the organizers: "Hilton's gossiping has generated nearly 5 million visits in a day. He feeds the celebrity gossip addiction for those who crave salacious details, compromising photos, and biting commentary about Hollywood's most famous celebrities. Hilton also uses his blog to discuss gay and lesbian issues, and to advocate for a number of causes." This event is sponsored by Friends and Queers at Annenberg. Lunch will be served.
12:00 pm. Annenberg Room 207.


Missy said...

Sounds great! Thank you for informing the class.

marissa said...

thanks nicole - I'm going to try to make this also, although it conflicts with a standing appt I have on wednesdays.

Jessica said...

boooo I wish i could go! I read his stuff everyday but I have my internship on Weds :(