Thursday, March 22, 2007

bob remeika bio

some info on today's speaker:

Bob Remeika is a Sr. Developer and Architect at AvenueA-Razorfish, the leading interactive agency in the world. He has worked on a wide range of large scale technical implementations for companies such as Yahoo, Adidas, and Sony. His current focus is in cutting edge Web 2.0 technologies and usability design with a mind for applying engineering best practices to create highly immersive rich internet applications.

Bob Remeika has over 8 years of experience in his field.


Georji said...

I just wanted to say I thought Bob was great. He was like a really smart computer geek mixed with a 20 year old frat boy... he was hilarious. But seriously, I've been taking a closer look at the websites I go to now and I am noticing Ajax and Flex, like a real techie :) I learned a lot today.

marissa said...

glad to hear that georji. and if bob seemed like a 20 year old frat boy that's probably because he's only 25, and I'm going to guess maybe have once been a frat boy.